Daddy Yankee's Farewell Concert
"La Meta" in Puerto Rico Sold Out

Global Icon,  Daddy Yankee is bidding farewell to the stage with his highly anticipated concert series, “La Meta,” in Puerto Rico. The Latin music icon’s final performances are set to be held in his homeland, marking an emotional conclusion to his remarkable career.

The demand for tickets to “La Meta” has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we are thrilled to announce that all tickets for the farewell concerts are officially sold out. Fans from around the world have secured their spots, ensuring that Daddy Yankee’s farewell will be an unforgettable celebration.

The “Gasolina” hitmaker has consistently pushed the boundaries of reggaeton, shaping the genre and becoming a global music phenomenon. As he prepares to leave the stage, the Puerto Rican superstar is set to deliver an electrifying show that pays tribute to his roots and his devoted fan base.

The farewell concerts will take place on [Concert Dates] at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, one of the largest and most prestigious concert venues in the Caribbean. Fans who have secured their tickets are in for a night of exhilarating music, unforgettable moments, and a heartfelt goodbye to a reggaeton legend.

Daddy Yankee Acquires
Pro Paddle League team in Orlando

Grammy-winning reggaeton sensation, Daddy Yankee, is making waves in the world of sports as he secures ownership of a Pro Paddle League team in Orlando. The move marks a significant milestone in the artist’s career, broadening his reach beyond the music industry and into the exciting realm of professional paddle tennis.

Known for his groundbreaking contributions to music and culture, Daddy Yankee’s latest venture exemplifies his commitment to innovation and excellence. With the acquisition of the Pro Paddle League franchise, he’s set to infuse the sport with his unique energy and dedication to community engagement.

Paddle tennis, a sport known for its inclusivity and engaging gameplay, perfectly aligns with Daddy Yankee’s dynamic spirit. The artist envisions this move as an opportunity to strengthen the connection between sports and entertainment while contributing to the growth of paddle tennis.

“Daddy Yankee is excited to embark on this new journey by becoming a part of the Pro Paddle League with a franchise in Orlando,” said [Spokesperson Name], a representative from [Daddy Yankee’s Management Company]. “His goal is to create memorable experiences for fans, promote the sport, and build a strong, passionate community around paddle tennis.”

Daddy Yankee’s ownership of the Pro Paddle League franchise promises to bring fresh excitement and entertainment to the Orlando sports scene, uniting the worlds of music and sports in an unprecedented way.

"La Última Vuelta" By Daddy Yankee is the highest grossing tour in the world according to Pollstar Live 75

In its latest publication, Pollstar’s Live75, which records the box office success of worldwide tours every 30 days, recorded Daddy Yankee’s “La Última Vuelta” as the highest grossing tour in the world

Miami, FL. (January 9, 2023) –  With an average of 26,659 tickets sold per show, “La Última Vuelta” by global icon Daddy Yankee was recorded as the highest-grossing tour in the world, according to the most recent publication by Pollstar Live75. “La Última Vuelta” ended on December 22 in Miami, FL with more than 1.9 million tickets sold and 85 SOLD-OUT shows across the United States, Canada and Latin America. The 22-week tour had an unparalleled impact and made history with a one-of-a-kind show, proving once again why Yankee has been ranked the ‘greatest of all time’.